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Fresh Drops is here to provide you with the freshest music releases and news from artists that you love, might know, and have never heard of. As fans of all genres, we’ll be posting whatever we’re enjoying at the moment, no matter who it’s by or where it’s from. We are always open to hearing what people are listening to, so please share with us on our social media pages! Hope you enjoy the site!

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The Team
Daniel Bonilla
(Founder/ Writer)

Email: daniel@fresh-drops.com | Instagram: @danielalbertobonilla | Twitter: @d_a_bonilla

Toni Donald (Writer/ Talent Seeker)

Email: toni@fresh-drops.com| Twitter: @tonedef_hitman | Facebook: facebook.com/toniamthor

Yasemin Kosereisoglu (Writer)

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