Tangents – Jindabyne (Four Tet Remix)

Despite a minor setback due to SoundCloud’s new copyright protection laws, Four Tet recently posted a remix of “Jindabyne” on his profile, whilst expressing his frank disappointment on Twitter, “soundcloud is a total slice of shit right now…all the joy is getting sucked out of it.

Although SoundCloud’s new policies are somewhat upsetting, Four Tet’s new remix is definitely not. The original track was produced by a band called Tangents, who are often described as “post everything”; a label that matches well with the genre of this track, which at best can be deemed experimental jazz.

With his magical touch, “Jindabyne” has gained momentum through an increased BPM and a rhythmic bass line. He has transformed the original track to one that you can hear in the early sunlight—whether it be during the after hours or at the start of a sublime day. Enjoy.

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