Asher Roth – "Fast Life"


Who knew Asher Roth was still making music? We sure didn’t. Seems like he’s taking a different approach now from the white-boy swag rap thing he was doing a while ago, and we’re definitely digging the new sound. Here is one of his new songs set to appear on his upcoming album, RetroHash, coming out April 22nd.

Below you can stream the full track of “Fast Life” featuring Vic Mensa. Then there is the music video for the track, which will definitely brighten up your day.

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Sander van Doorn & Firebeatz – "Guitar Track"


Reposted from, Written by Danny Bonilla

Sander van Doorn has unleashed another monster track before heading over to Miami Music Week, where he will be hosting his very own pool party with an impressive lineup in towWith the assistance of Firebeatz on the production, “Guitar Track,” sounds like it’s going to be a big hit in Miami. It’s got a lot of elements– from the big room introduction rising into a sick guitar riff to the progressive build which finally leads into sick electro house drops.

You can stream the song via Soundcloud, and purchase the track at Beatport now.

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Event Review: Showtek @ Pacha, 3/21

a29937e4ce7a4a01882931122239c4b1.image!jpeg.48734.jpg.unnamedReposted from, Written by Danny Bonilla.

Showtek came with the full intention to rock the house this past Friday at Pacha, and they certainly delivered. But what else would you expect from the brotherly Dutch duo? Known for their hard hitting style of music and bass heavy performances, Showtek has really built a name for themselves as one of the best electronic duos out right now. With banger after banger being released by them in recent time, it has been hard for any DJ to play a set without at least playing one Showtek track.

Upon arriving at Pacha that night, you couldn’t help but notice the line out the door that nearly wrapped around the block. Just from that you knew it was going to be a wild night. When we got in, they wouldn’t even let us on the dance floor at first – it was at capacity before midnight. So we took our places on the balcony where we comfortably got to rage to the sounds of Showtek music.

The brothers played an endless amount of progressive and electro house throughout the night, which had the crowd going balistic as each and every drop and rise continued to get more and more epic. Throwing on all of their recent hits like, “Cannonball,” “Get Loose,”  and “We Like To Party,”  it seemed like the crowd knew every song that was being played and even knew what was coming next. But who really needs the element of surprise when you have the hard hitting sounds of electro house blasting from the speakers loud enough the shake the venue. “Good vibes, good vibes, everybody good vibes” recites the intro to “Booyah” and that seemed to resonate throughout, as everyone kept a smile on their face and danced the night away.


Switching off between the decks and the mic, one brother would be spinning while the other hyped the crowd up. There was great chemistry between the two on-stage, but that’s what you get when you have two brothers performing together. The energy between the crowd and the duo was miraculous as well, as they would speak to the crowd and they would chant right back at them.

They had a lot to celebrate this very night, as just the same day their recent collaboration with David Guetta, “BAD,” hit the number one spot on the Beatport charts. It was very obvious that they were happy to be there and were there to share their success with their fans. It really is hard to put into word the ecstatic feeling that you get when you are present at these shows, but can definitely say a million different ways that that these guys sure knows how to put on a show. You’re in for a treat if you plan on being at Ultra Music Festival this coming week, as Showtek will be performing there! For those of us stuck in New York… we just can’t wait until the next time they come back!

Showtek & Ookay – "Bouncer"

artworks-000070541885-mvp0q6-originalRiding high on their acheivement of getting the number one spot on Beatport’s charts for their collaboration track with David Guetta – “BAD” – Showtek has decided to drop another single that is sure to make just as big of waves. The new track features both Showtek of Ookay, and is titled “Bouncer“. This one goes too hard with its big house drops, and trap percussion.

Stream the track below and purchase it now on Beatport.

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Syn Cole – "Miami 82 (DOM Remix)"


The guys over at dropped an exclusive remix of Syn Cole‘s “Miami 82” by Dominic Lalli  the saxophonist of Big Gigantic. Dude cooked up a nice remake of this electro track, by adding some deep future bass and trap percussion to the beat.

Stream below and download here.

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Event Review: Laidback Luke @ Pacha, 3/21

799169ec38b548dda09c8ac63c56cfe5.image!jpeg.271232.jpg.web_032014Reposted from, Written by Danny Bonilla.

The beloved Laidback Luke returned to Pacha to play a very special Thursday night set this past week. Known for serving as a mentor, his passion for kung fu, and being a guru on the decks, the crowd had high expectations for Thursday night, and they were not disappointed. Without a doubt, it was even better than what anyone could have imagined.

Claiming that Laidback Luke is a great DJ is a fact that cannot be disproven; this has perhaps been agreed upon by just about anyone and everyone who has seen him perform live. The die-hard fanbase behind this guy says enough in itself. Although having an extensive discography of singles and remixes, Luke is primarily known for his live performances in which he takes the crowd through a whirlwind of emotions, due to his incredible musical selection and mixing skills.

For such a talented DJ to be headlining a Thursday night show at Pacha, you would expect a packed house, but surprisingly the venue appeared more laidback than usual. Unlike most nights, the dance floor was particularly inviting and afforded fans the opportunity to do their thing, which we definitely enjoyed.

Following Sandro Silva’s opening set, he smoothly slid right onto the stage, without much of an introduction. But right away people noticed that the man everyone was waiting to see was on stage as screens all throughout the venue began to read ‘LAIDBACK LUKE’. Suddenly, an assembly of L-shaped foam fingers filled the air while fans’ yelling and whistling fought hard against the rising sound beginning to project from the speakers. And then it was finally time to really get the night started.


As stated earlier, this guy knows how to mix. Just as he always does, Luke brought his A-game to the decks. He threw on a variety of tracks from Martin Garrix‘s latest single, “Proxy,”  to Calvin Harris‘ radio smash, “Thinking About You,” and even a remix of Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights.” There were moments where he would play the best 30 seconds of several songs back-to-back, blending them so perfectly into each other that you wouldn’t have even noticed if you weren’t listening closely. His ability to keep the crowd on their toes was phenomenal – you truly never knew what he was about to play next. It all seemed so easy for Laidback Luke, but the crowd was still in awe with every transition and drop.

This had to have been one of the quickest sets we had ever gone to, because within a blink of an eye, it was all over. But without a doubt the amount of dancing and screaming and straight up wildness that ensued within those beautiful 120+ minutes is unforgettable. Few artists are as inspiring as Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, and while we are not the first to nod to the man we know as Laidback Luke, it is certain that he will go down in history as one of the most influential DJs and producers that electronic music has seen in years.

Low Pros feat. Juvenile – "Muscle"


A-Trak and Lex Luger make up the production duo, Low Pros, and they have been working hard on their upcoming project, EP1, due to come out later this year. “Muscle” will appear on that. With a feature from Juvenile, this got that late 90’s bounce sound to it.

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ƱZ – "No Stripes"

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In light of reaching 100,000 likes on Facebook ƱZ drops a brand new song for the trapaholics. Free download of “No Stripes” available through Soundcloud.