Kanye West on SNL


Rumors have been cleared and confirmation has been made that Kanye West will be performing on Saturday Night Live’s season finale. On May 18th Kanye will be featured as the closing artist for the show that he had once so straightforwardly dissed on his song ‘Power’.

F@#$ S.N.L. and their whole cast, tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass. More specifically they can kiss my asshole.

These lyrics were in response to the show making fun of him after the whole Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards scandal. Since then Kanye has appeared on SNL, where he actually performed ‘Power’ but changed the lyrics for the show.

Hopefully we hear some Yeezy tracks on May 18th, and get an announcement for his upcoming album.

Update: Kanye has just tweeted the release date for his album will be the 18th of June. 

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