Best Tracks of January 2018

With January finally being over – here’s a playlist with our favorite releases of the month. It’s got everything from Sufjan Stevens, to Ryan Hemsworth, to Drake, and Kendrick as well as some new tracks from budding artists Jpegmafia, Hurley Mower and Leuca. Check it out below!

My 2017, described by music.

2017 – another year down, that’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding of my life thus far. One of those years that will eventually blend in with the rest of them, yet has moments throughout it that will stick with me forever – for both good and bad.

If you’re someone like me, you listen to music that reflects the mood that you’re currently in, or looking to explore. I like to dive deep into emotions and unravel them, and sometimes the only way I know how to do so is to listen to songs that I believe reflect those feelings. So just like every year, the songs I listened to most will more than accurately describe my headspace over those twelve months.

Ranging from everything from Kendrick’s near to perfect album DAMN. (which is probably on everyone’s list), to the ambient dance sounds of Bonobo, to the hyped singles from Desiigner, to the introspective lyrics and instrumentation from Sampha, to the straight up ignorant shit from Playboi Carti, Migos, and 21 Savage, to the ever inspiring 2016 album from Frank Ocean, to the fun, smooth Flower Boy by Tyler, this has been a year consisting of many different sounds and emotions. Ups and downs that can’t really be put into words sometimes – so I’ll just let the music do the talking for me.

With that I will leave you with this playlist of my top played tracks of 2017: some old, most new – ’cause you already know we stay on that fresh shit – some mainstream, some unknown, some crazy lit, and some depressing, but most of all: just really dope music.

This has been a quiet year for, but this will forever be my passion, and will be treated as such. Even when I’m not writing, I’m constantly on the look out for new and amazing music. So thank you to anyone who follows this, reaches out to me about music, comes out to the events, and for supporting me as I continue to figure out what to do with this never ending love.

Peace and blessings,
Daniel Bonilla

MGMT – When You Die

Haven’t genuinely fucked with MGMT since their second album, Congratulations, so hearing how immaculate their new single is truly warms my heart. The instrumentation is reminiscent of one of my favorite tracks from them, “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” off their debut album. The lyrics take a dark turn on this one, as it laughs in the face of death, which might take a couple listens to truly interpret. Regardless “When You Die” sounds heavenly, and will be a part of their fourth studio album Little Dark Age. Watch the psychedelic music video above, directed by Mike Burakoff and Hallie Cooper-Novack and starring Alex Karpovsky and Lucy Kaminsky.


Bruh, I just came back from an exploration of some Colombian cities, and this album matches with my vibe perfectly at the moment. The combination of ethnic reggaeton, baile, hip hop, dance, and pop sounds mixed with Pharrell’s uplifting lyrics about self-discovery and an undeniably witty commentary on the world’s current political standing, makes for a quick trip around the world. I’d recommend playing this project at a high volume, and get your ass on a flight to another country ASAP if you’re not feeling it. Stand out tracks have to be “Kites, “ESP”, and “Rollinem 7’s”. Stream the album above and get a behind the scenes short of the album listening party below.

Tidus – Before It’s Too Late (EP)

New Jersey rapper/singer Tidus drops the final part of his EP trilogy with a 5 track project, Before It’s Too Late. With its standout track “No Limitations” this tape is sure to get Tidus’ name back on people’s radar after going on a spiritual hiatus in 2014. Stream the entire tape below!