Dillon Francis – Money Sucks, Friends Rule (Album Stream)


It has definitely been a long time coming, as we have followed Dillon Francis for almost four whole years now, in hopes for him to drop an official album. Well, it’s now here and we can say that the wait was well worth it.  Starting off as solely a moombahton guru, he slowly gained credibility by touring the world with some of the scene’s most successful innovators from Diplo, to Skrillex, to TJR, who all became mentors and friends to Dillon. Now he is considered one of the most dynamic producers out there and he proves it with his debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule. You can now listen to one of the most daringly diverse EDM albums of 2014 before its release next week, October 27, thanks to MTV.

Stream: Money Sucks, Friends Rule

Mac Miller – “Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here”


After inking a new $10 million dollar deal with Warner Bros., Mac Miller just drops some raps for y’all, and there’s nothing to see here at all…. yeah, right. This guy has been making power moves on the low, and we don’t ever realize it because of his silent fashion of doing business. Supposedly he has tons of unreleased music, so hopefully this deal gets him to drop some of that. Don’t let him confuse you, there’s a lot to look out for from here on out.